Why Tax?

Is a tax career for me?

A career in tax as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) creates opportunities.

The opportunity for challenging and diverse work. The opportunity to see the world. The opportunity to work with cutting edge clients on the most interesting commercial transactions.

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Another reason Why tax is for me

Challenge yourself

A career in tax means you will always be challenged – every day will be a new learning experience. The tax landscape is constantly evolving. Clients’ needs are ever-changing. This means you must always keep one step ahead. Challenging work means you work and think smarter – it drives you forward.

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Another reason Why tax is for me

Do meaningful work

What you do in life needs to make a difference. It’s what keeps you motivated. Tax is real and the decisions that you help make and implement have a real commercial impact. There’s nothing more rewarding than feeling your work actually contributed to the bigger picture.

Think more a sense of fulfillment than a sense of apathy.

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Another reason Why tax is for me

A CAREER IN TAX Who will you be?

Ronan Carrig
Ronan Carrig

Senior Manager

currently working in TORONTO
I regularly contribute to developing our firm’s thought leadership.
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