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Fantasy Budget Competition 2018

“The Fantasy Budget Competition was a great way for me to really understand the practical effects of the measures the Budget brings in and the changes in taxation policy that come with it. The research you do really stands to you and helps when starting a new career in a tax department -  I would definitely recommend the competition to every student studying tax, there are excellent prizes and it all helps for your exams.” - Richie O'Carroll, Tax Consultant, KPMG. 

Do you have an opinion on tax and its role in the economy? Our Fantasy Budget Competition 2018 has just been launched, and is your opportunity to show your tax knowledge by analysing certain Budget 2018 measures and coming up with one measure that you would have introduced if you were the Minister for Finance! Great prizes available for the winning teams!

Your submissions will be judged by some of Ireland's leading business commentators and economists. 

Download the brochure for all the details. 

The closing date for submissions is 5pm on Friday 17 November 2017  - you will need to liaise with your college lecturer and make your submission through him / her. 

For any queries, please contact Cait Monagher on 01 663 1718 or 

Be inspired!

The Irish Tax Institute's Policy Team is actively involved in pre-Budget submissions, and produces a range of articles and papers on the Budget itself.  Check out all the details.  

The Fantasy Budget competition could be the start of your career in tax journey!

The Fantasy Budget competition is more than just a competition!   

If you enjoyed taking part, then maybe you have a future as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)! 

Why not read some profiles of Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) and see exactly what is involved. 

Niall Hanton, a tax trainee with Grant Thornton (pictured on the 2017 winning team from UCD below), comments:

‘’The Fantasy Budget competition is a great way to get students thinking about tax on real life practical level and away from a purely exam focused mind-set. The competition sparked an interest to begin my career in tax as it brought to my attention the important role tax plays in Ireland’s economy. Tax issues are at the heart of all commercial  activities and working in tax will provide me with a diverse set of skills & experience.’’

Fantasy Budget 2017 Winners

We had a lot of really great submissions last year, but the final three winners were UCD, GMIT and NUI Maynooth.

First Place, UCD - under the guidance of lecturer Dr Gerardine Doyle


L-R: Niall Hanton, Cormac Clay, Dr Gerardine Doyle (lecturer), Mark Barrett, President, Irish Tax Institute, Sarah O'Sullivan, Cormac O'Donoghue

You can read their submission here

Second Place, GMIT - under the guidance of lecturer Patricia McCann


L-R: Darren Boyle, Gary Browne, Mark Barrett, President, Irish Tax Institute, Patricia McCann (lecturer), Shane Flynn, John Lydon

You can read their submission here

Third Place, NUI Maynooth - under the guidance of lecturer Kate O'Toole


L-R: Robert Segarty, Mark Barrett, President, Irish Tax Institute, Kate O'Toole (lecturer), Luke Walsh, Diarmuid Donnellan

You can read their submission here. 

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